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IT Project Kickoff Workshop

Planning, Facilitation and WBS Creation

Achieving common management and project team understanding and ownerhip is the most important step in a successful IT project   Appuli creates this shared vision through a project kickoff workshop approach. We begin with individual and group meetings with all project stakeholders to analyze project, specifially infrastructure, readiness.  Deliverables of this stage include comprehensive plans for the kickoff workshop, WBS and RACI.    With the project manager leading, Appuli facilitates the kickoff Workshop - typically over three to five days.  Resulting tasks, issues, risks, responsibilities, decisions and dependencies are captured in a Project Log.  A detailed Work Breakdown Structure and associated Responsibility Assignments are documented as part of a final report and presentation.

Appuli IT Kickoff Workshop

Project Readiness Assessment and Workshop Planning Kickoff Workshop Work Breakdown Structure - WBS Responsibility Assignment Matrix - RACI Executive Report and Presentation  
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IT Project FMEA Workshop

Risk Management - Failure Mode and Effects


Complex Infrastructure Risks are often underestimated resulting in project surprises.  Appuli has evolved the FMEA workshops we developed for IBM and HP to focus on IT Infrastructure risk. Through one-on-one interviews, Failure Modes and their Effects are solicited from each team member and other stakeholders.  Appuli translates and groups these on a FMEA Matrix.  The team then meets in a FMEA Workshop to determine severity, likelihood of occurrence and publc vulnerabilty for each using IT infrastructure-based criteria.
Mitigating Project Risk Discovery - Severity, Likelihood and Public Exposure Assessments and Mitigation

Appuli IT FMEA Workshop

Failure Modes and Effects Capture Workshop day 1 - Fail’ure Modes and Effects Affinity Diagram Workshop day 2 - Prioritization and Mitigation Plan Development Executive Report and Presentation