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The most critical event in the implementation of IT infrastructure is getting everyone on the same page.  This includes project managers, analysts, department managers, suppliers, engineers and administrators. A kickoff workshop is the best way to organize all of the decisions and action items needed for implementation.  This is an Appuli specialty and provides a motivating start on the way to success. Building a Work Breakdown Structure determines the major steps in infrastructure acquisition and deployment.  It needs to cover all elements: - Servers - Identity Management - Active Directory - Network - Storage - Backup & Recovery - App Performance Monitoring - Firewall - Load Balancing - Application Integraiton (ETL, etc) - High Availability & Disaster Recovery - Management Reporting Role Assignment using CAIRO or RACI is key to holding team members responsible for deliverables and eliminating confusion about ownership. A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is conducted to anticipate risks to the project and to determine appropriate countermeasures. If the above steps are successful Infrastructure Deployment should be smooth and timely.  A key during this stage problem tracking and followup. Pilot test is conducted only when all of the pieces are in place. Go Live involves the customer in formal acceptance test.   


Infrastructure Planning and

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Kickoff Workshop Work Breakdown Structure Responsibility Assignment Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Infrastructure Deployment Pilot Go Live

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Kickoff Workshops, Project Meetings, Problem Solving and Process Development


Failure Modes and Effects Analysis customized for the project and infrastructure.  Risk identification, prioritization and countermeasures.
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